What will I get when I purchase hosting account?

You will get a full admin control User Name and Password to manage your


We will provide you detail information about:
- Address to manage your account
- Admin User & Password
- File Server Host/IP Address and how to upload/download

Mail Server Host/IP Address and how to set up and use email.

What is control panel?

It is a ready for used pages that represent with some predefined admin functionality, it is look like Control Panel & Setting in Window XP where there are many icon would be accessible to let you change setting or configurin other options on your hosting server account.

Is control panel complicated?

No, it is icon based (Graphic User Interface) with image and text to let you quickly understand what it is and what it being used for?
You could ask us any question on these stuffs when you don’t know.

What is Cpanel? How could I access it?

Cpanel is the most popular hosting management control panel for Linux Server package account. It let you manage email, file system, protect script, set up online application, add domain, add forward, …and more.
CPanel normally accessible via:

- or –

What is Helm/Plesk/DotNetPanel? How could I access them?

These are WINDOW Server management control panel with all similar functions provided as CPANEL too, you could access them via:

What is Add-On Domain, Parked Domain?

Add-On Domain is additional domain allowed to host within one account, we normally create two sub folder to store website files belong to each domain and Control Panel will let you set add-on domain with direction specify for each domain, the file file to load.
Parked Domain is like alias name being assign to load the same website page as the original or main domain created when your account was firstly created (multiple domain pointed into one folder)

What is FTP Server?

FTP Server is the service to let you upload/download your file remotely from within your PC and Server hosting of your website.
- Linux Server normally let your store your website under “www” or “public_html” folder
- Window Server normally have it stores at “wwwroot”, or under folder with name as your domain name

What is my FTP Server Host/IP?

For both Linux and Window Server they share the same charater on this:
FTP Server Host: ftp.yourdomain.com
Using IP address that we will send you via email or you could get it by:

- Window -> Start -> Run -> type “cmd”
- in command prompt, type “ping yourdomain.com”
- you shall see the IP address respond, that’s it, the IP of your server

What is my Email Server?

Email Server is normally come with two forms: incoming and outgoing, on most of the server these two type come with one host name or IP: mail.yourdomain.com
Some server will devide into two:

- Incoming: pop.yourdomain.com
- Outgoing: smtp.yourdomain.com

Where could I check my online WEBMAIL?

Webmail is where you could quickly and anywhere accessible, checking your email through INTERNET.
Webmail normally locates at:

- www.yourdomain.com/webmail
- http://mail.yourdomain.com


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