Do I need to have IT Skills to own a website?

You do not need to be IT Skilled person because our


project is delivered with an easy going

self manageable for owner without IT Skills.

What skills needed to manage a website?

If you know how to type in MS WORD, that’s it. Our easy going and well-prepared Content Management System will let you site and type directly on your website like typing on MS Word, then save, have a goes!

What steps in your website design project?

We normally devides the step as below
1- Get Requirement from owner
2- Propose project quotation and price expectation
3- If agreed by owner, issue invoice and get partial payment
4- Web material collection (logo, name, info, contact, …)
5- Propose Layout Design
6- Start Coding & Design
7- On-Going work show and get feedback
8- Project Finalization & Documentation
9- Owner got training
10- Project ON AIR (live on the INTERNET)

What you need to run a WebSite?

There some requirement to let you own a website:
1- Domain Name (name on Internet)
2- Website Pages (a ready to run web pages)
3- Hosting Service to live your web pages on-air through worldwide Internet system
4- Person who take care of content update if your website need to have up to date information or you could ask for our service on this

What material do I need to provide?

We normally start the project when customer provides us:
1- Company or Website LOGO image (digital) or we could design want upon discussion
2- Company information such as Profile, History, Staffs, Location, Services or Products, Images, etc which are wanted to present to public visitor
3- Idea from owner how his/her website look like (layout)
4- Color scheme of the website to let our designer propose a layout to be finally chosen
5- Your feedback after decided on layout and sample we show

Am I allowed to change the design layout?

We normally propose a few layout design by customer’s idea, wanted color scheme, combine with our suggested idea to customer to choose. After decide which one to start the project, we don’t allow “A Completely Different” layout change except stated in the web contract for how many time customer could change which is main depend on price or budget of the project. We warmly accept comment on selected layout or some slightly modification is OK.

How long will my website design project take?

It would be based on the size of project’s complexity. But in average we have it done with few weeks if the customer promptly respond and provide feedback on our on-going work result.
* Simple company website could be done in a week
* Midiume size web project could be done in a few week
* Complex web application cost be done in a month or longer
Contact us, to let we know your requirements then we will be back with period expectation for your project.

I have no idea how my website will look like? will you help?

This is the most problem to many website owner who want to have website but don’t know what to put or how to start.
We normally provide our recommendation and propose layout design, contents to put on website and show other project catalog of our existing clients to raise your attention and interest.

Who maintance my website?

It will be your own responsible to maintance and update your content because our project is a self-managed ready. Except you got special contract or request approved to get our maintenance or service care provided.

Is it possible to upgrade our website in the future?

We will be able to propose addition upgrade or modify your website at lower cost as you are our existing customer.


$ 99.99


$ 19.99

Custom Photoshop homepage design

Fit and consistent to your company’s

Responsive Layout/Template

Own coding and full license offered

Free Web Hosting


$ 399.99

Custom Photoshop homepage design

Fit and consistent to your company’s

Responsive Layout/Template

Own coding and full license offered

Free Web Hosting

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