Domain Name
Domain Name is a given name on the INTERNET SYSTEM, most of the company on this earth prefers to have their company name on the INTERNET SYSTEM as their alternative way to publish their company profile, products and services into public through World Wide Web (webpage). Some company spend millions of dollar for just trying to buy their company name on the Internet which had been registered by someone else earlier then themselves. 

Why not not your company having one? [ YourCompanyName.Com ] You have plenty of choice with our domain registration service, a real time name availability check and registration services with onside cash payment or online payment via Credit Card, PayPal, MoneyBooker, 2CheckOut, etc.

We are providing domain name registration service for different kind of domain name extension:

  1. CAMBODIA CODE DOMAIN : .com.kh, .org.kh, .edu.kh, .net.kh, …
  2. Generic Top-Level Domain (GLTD): .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws, .bz, …
  3. Continental Based Domain such as : .Asia, .Eu, …
  4. Countries Based Domain Name such as : .au, .nz, .us, .cn, .in, .ch, .fr, .jp, …
(No Customer Lock, No Domain Lock, Your Full Freedom Admin!)
Serving Web Solution provide all type of Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) with a very attractive registration price.

Top Level Domain: .com, .net, .info, .org, .ws start from $7.98 per year. Each of your registered domain will be include with:
  • Your own administrator account
  • Full domain control with permission to change the Name Server, DNS Recode (if purchased)
  • Full domain ownership decision to keep staying with our company or transfer out to other company that you like

Cambodia Code Domain (.kh)
Rather than owning a generic or global domain, some company might interests in owning a local code domain based on their country. Cambodia is assigned with country domain code “.kh”.

Serving Web Solution is also provide the registration of [.kh] domain for local companies in Cambodia. This domain is provided only to licensed company which has been registered with Ministry of Commerce of CAMBODIA or any organization which is recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affair only. This country code domain [.kh] is under full control and managed by Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPTC).


First registration fee: $44/year (charged by MPTC)The renew price is $33/year for each of the coming year (charged by MPTC)The name server changing fee is $20 for one time (charged by MPTC)


For companies: Certified copy of company license issued by Ministry of Commerce (certified by Phnom Penh Municipal)For NGO or others: please provide certified copy of letter of acception or any aggreement paper with Ministry of Foreign Affair certified by Phnom Penh municipal too.Filling the domain registration and update form (download here)For any other question, please feel free to contact our staff for detail on how to get your .kh domain. We are ready to provide you our best services.