FAQ – Domain Registration 
  1. What is called DOMAIN NAME?
  2. What is Generic Top-Level Domain Name?
  3. What are GLTD?
  4. Why people want .COM?
  5. Why not .Biz instead of .Com?
  6. How long does it take to register a GTLD?
  7. How long does it take to transfer a domain name?
  8. How could I transfer my domain?
  9. Why I can’t transfer my domain from my old company?
  10. Will Serving Web Solution help getting my domain back?
  11. What is CCD?
  12. What is .kh?
  13. Why .kh is more expensive?
  14. What do I need to have for .kh registration?
  15. Could we use Tax/Pattan Certificate?
  16. How long does it take to register .kh?
  17. What I will get when I buy a domain name?
  18. Is it possible to get free email?
  19. Is hard to manage Domain?
  20. Could my domain being stolen?
  21. What is domain privacy?
Question: What is called DOMAIN NAME?   
Answer:   It is a name used to represent a place where you could find information for a specific person, organization, company or government throught the world INTERNET connection. It is like your place standing by to show information to public who try to visit yours via INTERNET. Each company shall own an INTERNET DOMAIN NAME for their public information shown on the INTERNET. 

 What is Generic Top-Level Domain Name?   
Answer:   Generic Top-Level Domain Name (GTLD) is a common ownership allowed domain type, means everyone could registered one without any business license or any legal documents. Any name they wish to own, somehow registered earlier then other, is OK. 

 What are GLTD?   
Answer:   GLTD commonly in used are: .com, .net, .info, .org, .ws, .biz, .bz, … 

 Why people want .COM?   
Answer:   Because .com is a generic name for COMPANY, while .net is for Network and .org is for Organization. 

 Why not .Biz instead of .Com?   
Answer:   Yes, we could instead of using .com to own a .Biz (Business) 

How long does it take to register a GTLD?   
Answer:   It is a real time registration process, if you paid us via online payment (paypal, moneybooker, credit card, …) it will done within few minute. If you do payment by cash it should take not longer than 30mn, except our administrator is out of duty sometime that would take up to 24h.  

 How long does it take to transfer a domain name?   
Answer:   It would be around 7 days after the current administrator approve the request for transfer message. 

 How could I transfer my domain?   
Answer:   You need to be ADMIN Contact of the current domain and you need to have Domain Authorization Code. * Check whois contact: http://whois.domaintools.com/yourdomainname   If you see your name, email is used at the “ADMIN” section, here you are.  

Question: Why I can’t transfer my domain from my old company?   
Answer:   Be careful, Some company is doing shhit business, they won’t give you the domain admin account nor allow you transfer out. They will keep locking your account not able to move and you have no way out beside keep staying and hosting and paying them continuousely. SERVING WEB SOLUTION is 100% offer what you paid for, we give you the admin account. Whatever you want to do it’s your own decision to move or to stay with us, no lock no force, ….  

Question: Will Serving Web Solution help getting my domain back?   
Answer:   Sure, You are our customer, when you got problem we will help at our best. By experience we do help customer to get their domain out from being locked by some company which don’t want to let client moving out. Consult with us, we have solution for you. Don’t worry! 

 What is CCD?   
Answer:   CCD is Country Code Domain, which is normally representing a name under specific country on earth. 

 What is .kh?   
Answer:   .kh is used to represent domain name under CAMBODIA country (Khmer) 

 Why .kh is more expensive?   
Answer:   Because Ministry of Post and Telecommunication of CAMBODIA require registration process and fee. 

 What do I need to have for .kh registration?   
Answer:   Make it clear! you need to have Certificate of Company Registration at Ministry of Commerce. Have it copied and certified at Phnom Penh Municipal. For Organization and Association, you need to have official letter from Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affair. 

Could we use Tax/Pattan Certificate?   
Answer:   No, it is not worth to copy your business TAX or Patten paper for .kh registration. 

 How long does it take to register .kh?  
 Answer:   It might take up to 2 days, but it normally be done within one business day. 

 What I will get when I buy a domain name?   
Answer:   You will get domain management account: user and password. It will let you control on: * Info of owner, admin, billing of that domain * Pointing to your hosting/email server * optionally, DNS record management  

Is it possible to get free email?   
Answer:   Posible, you could find many way to get free mail but for our service you will need to pay extra charge which is not much per year. 

 Is hard to manage Domain?   
Answer:   No, not at all we only need to know where will be our hosting target server to be pointed to and securing your domain admin user/password. 

 Could my domain being stolen?   
Answer:   Posible, if you lost your password and not change it quickly after that. Some guy could process the domain transfer out somewhere if you don’t handle quickly. We could help you within 7 days, to block those attempt to transfer without permission.   Or you could purchase extra domain privacy and domain locking services.  

 What is domain privacy?   
Answer:   It is how we high your ownership information from being viewed from public. No one know how is the real owner of one domain if it is use Privacy protection. 

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